Source of Clarity - Deployed Clarity Contracts
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New contracts 2022-01-27

As of 27 Jan 2022, * 102 NFTs (SIP-9 compliant) and * 35 FTs (SIP-10 compliant) are deployed on mainnet * 95 contract deployers own a username Also: Project Indigo updated commissions for the marketplaces and Bitcoin Monkeys dropped Bananas. See: — (@fmdroid) January 28, 2022

New contracts 2022-01-26

Clarity contracts deployed on 26 January 2022 on mainnet: Among others, * an NFT with minting through an auction * an NFT about outerspace * a voting contract for citycoin proposals. All contracts: — (@fmdroid) January 27, 2022

Stealing STX with a Dragon

On Dec 13th, there were two suspicous contracts deployed that interacted with the byzantion marketplace v5 ✎ contract and was named as stacks-art-market: bad actor 1 ✎ , bad actor 2 ✎ . It turned out that the two contracts together could extract 1644 STX from the escrow of open bids that were not placed by the attacker. A new version of byzantion marketplace has been deployed since that prevents these exploits. Read more about the byzantion marketplaceprotocol.
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Draining the contract

An exploit in Arkadiko Swap was found. More details below together with next steps. We will come with another update RE: funds this weekend Finally, we can only thank you for your continued encouragement 🙌🙌 — Arkadiko Protocol (@ArkadikoFinance) October 28, 2021 The effected contract was v1-1 ✎ . In the updated version, new swapping pairs can only added by the admin. In addition, a shut down flag was added.
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